Why Does My Polaris Vac Sweep 65 Go In Circles? Troubleshooting Guide

The Polaris 65 stands as one of the best and most trusted pool cleaning devices available in the market. However, even with the best tools, you can expect some hitches along the way.

If you too have noticed that your Polaris 65 has developed abnormal movements or seems to be caught in a constant circular motion, there’s no need to worry. 

In this blog post, we’ll talk about the possible causes behind such behavior of the Polaris 65 and provide effective solutions to fix the issues. So let’s get into it without further delay!

High Pressure

The Polaris 65 has a pressure relief valve that regulates pressure within the cleaner. An excessively high water pressure in the pool can cause the valve to fail at managing the pressure. This makes the Polaris 65 lose its intended path and spin around in circles instead due to imbalanced pressure.


To ensure a suitable pressure within the pool water and the Polaris 65:

  • Inspect the pressure relief valve and make sure it’s functioning properly to release the excess pressure when needed. 

Pressure Relief Valve replacement: Polaris 65 Turtle Pressure Relief Valve

  • Avoid an excessively high water flow in the pool to prevent the Polaris 65 from going in circles due to inadequate pressure management.

Tangled Hose

Improper storage of the cleaner’s hose can create a curl in it, making it permanently tangled or kinked. If you happen to store your hose all curled up, this might exactly be the culprit of the Polaris 65 going in circles, which is understandable because the tangled hose can directly impact the movement of the cleaner.


  • If the hose of your Polaris 65 has acquired a built-in curl, stretch it out, lay it on a flat surface, and let it sit for a few hours. 
  • However, if the hose has been permanently damaged or twisted, consider buying a new hose for your Polaris 65. 

Polaris 65 Hose replacement: Polaris Zodiac 6-225-00 24′ Turtle Float 65 Pool Cleaner Hose

Dirty Filter or Pump

A dirty or clogged filter can disrupt the water flow to the Polaris 65. Since the Polaris 65 relies on water for proper functioning, an inadequate water flow impacts its movements, causing it to move in circles.

Other than that, blockages in the pump can also hinder the speed or movement abilities of the Polaris 65.


  • Maintain the filtration system of your pool regularly and also make sure to keep the Polaris 65 filter bag clean and clog-free. This will promote an optimal water flow and prevent any potential disruptions in the performance of Polaris 65.

Polaris 65 Filter Bag replacement: Pool Cleaner All Purpose Bag

  • Check the pump for any blockages. Clear out the pump basket and use a hose or a brush to clean the basket if needed.

Immobile Randomizer Ball

The purpose of the randomizer ball is to change the direction of the Polaris 65 at regular intervals. When the ball fails to move, it can cause disruption in the movement of Polaris 65 and cause it to go in circles, making it stagnant in a certain area and miss cleaning other parts of the pool. 


If you notice the randomizer ball is not moving to a different port:

  • Check for any obstructions and make sure the ball can move freely.
  • Consult the Polaris 65 user manual to troubleshoot the randomizer ball. 
  • If you notice any signs of damage, consider replacing the randomizer tube kit of your cleaner. 

Polaris 65 Randomizer Tube Kit replacement: Polaris Randomizer Tube Kit

Wheel Damage

Any damage to the wheels of the Polaris 65 can induce irregular movements. In addition, the natural wear and tear of the tires diminishes traction over time, and causes the cleaner to move around abnormally. So if your Polaris 65 happens to be of age, this might very well be the reason behind its irregular movement.


  • Look for any signs of wear and tear, damage, or deformities in the wheels and tires.
  • If you notice any signs of damage or wear and tear, replace the wheels to restore smooth and even motion of the Polaris 65. 

Polaris 65 Wheel replacement: Polaris Vac-Sweep 65 Bottom Wheel Kit PV630100

Backup Valve Not Cycling Properly

Possible issues with the backup valve of the Polaris 65 can cause navigation problems too. When the backup valve is not cycling properly, it means that it is not turning on and off at regular intervals, which can cause abnormal movement patterns.

This issue with the backup valve can happen due to several factors, including pressure imbalance, debris buildup, worn out valve, or lubrication issues.


To fix the backup valve cycling problem:

  • Make sure the pool water pressure is consistent and not too high or low. Check and adjust the water pressure to the recommended levels.
  • Inspect the valve for any blockages or debris build-up and clean it thoroughly.
  • If you notice signs of wear and tear on the valve, replace it with a new one to restore proper function.

Mechanical Issues

Issues with the mechanical components of the Polaris 65 can also make it move in circles. 


  • Thoroughly inspect the mechanical components of the Polaris 65 to check for signs of damage or malfunction.
  • You may reach out to the customer support if you find any mechanical components that need replacing. 

Insufficient Hose Length

The required length of the hose is dependent on the maximum depth of your pool. A short hose length can restrict the movement of the Polaris 65 and cause it to go in circles or get stuck in a single area. 


  • Determine the correct hose length for your pool. 
  • Check if you can extend the hose properly to reach all corners of the pool without causing restriction.
  • If the hose length is insufficient, consider purchasing a suitable hose extension kit to fix the problem. 

Recommended Hose Extension Kit: ELODEK Pool Cleaner 8′ Float Hose Extension Kit

In Conclusion- Troubleshooting Summary

From tangled hoses to high water pressure, we’ve discussed a variety of factors that can cause the concerning behavior of the Polaris 65 going in circles. By addressing these concerns and following the solutions we have provided, you can restore the proper movement of your Polaris 65.

However, if none of these solutions work for you, reach out to the manufacturer’s customer support and get professional help.

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