Taylor TF-100 Vs. TF-Pro | Test Kit Comparison

By combining a total of seven essential tests within a single kit, TF-100 and TF-Pro have simplified the otherwise complex and time-consuming process of pool water testing.

Since these kits provide insight into similar parameters of pool water quality, it is only natural to question what sets them apart from each other.

So if you’re looking for answers, you’re at the right place. In this guide, we’ll dive into the nuances of both these kits and highlight their unique features to help you make an informed decision in this regard.

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Let’s start with the comparison!

TF-100 vs TF-Pro: The Differences

Availability of Magnetic Stirrer

Starting off with the magnetic stir, also known as Smart Stir, which seems to be a huge deal for some people. 

The stand-out upgrade in the TF-Pro is particularly this automatic/magnetic stirring device that is designed to make your testing solution mixing absolutely painless.

The great thing about Smart Stir is its compatibility with all industry standard pool testing and mixing tubes apart from TFTestKits tubes.

All TF-Pro and TF-Pro Salt testing kits come with Smart Stir, which is similar to the Taylor SpeedStir whereas the TF-100 kit does not include everybody’s favorite magnetic stir.

To us, that doesn’t seem much of a problem because Smart Stir is sold separately at all stores, meaning you can purchase it and use it with an existing TF-100 kit too.

Storage Case

While both TF-100 and TF-Pro come with a storage box, the one with TF-Pro is actually worth using unlike the storage case of TF-100 that not only lacks organizational features but also has a shabby appearance that is far from appealing. 

The case for TF-Pro, on the contrary, is quite well thought out. The reagent bottles for different tests are all color coordinated and organized smartly, which makes it super easy to run the tests.

The instruction labels are waterproof too, which again is an indicator of a thoughtfully designed storage case.

Price & Value for Money

The price of the TF-Pro kit is considerably high as compared to the TF-100. The question is whether the addition of the Smart Stir and an upgraded storage case makes the TF-Pro worth the extra 70 bucks? 

Well honestly, the stirring goes fine for most people without a specialized magnetic stirring device too. However, if you’re intrigued by the idea, you can find a cheaper alternative at Amazon like this Stainless Steel Magnetic Stirrer for $30 and save yourself from the additional expense. 

As for the thoughtfully designed storage box, it can be something nice to have but again, it’s up to you to decide if you consider that kind of expense worth it. 

The Bottomline

In contrast to the TF-Pro that costs $150, you can get a TF-100 for $80 with the same features and purchase a magnetic stir separately. Although if you’re finicky about storage and organization, you may find the TF-Pro well worth the money. 

TF-100 vs TF-Pro: Overall Comparison 

Parameters Tested

Both TF-100 and TF-Pro offer the same kind of tests. These kits contain 7 tests that can help you understand the overall condition of your pool water. 

Following is a list of tests you can perform using the TF-100 or TF-Pro kit:

  • Chlorine (OTO)
  • The pH Test
  • Chlorine Test (FAS-DPD)
  • Combined Chloramines Test (CCs)
  • Calcium Hardness Test
  • Total Alkalinity 
  • Cyanuric Acid Test

All in all, both the kits come with all the chemistry and hardware you need to keep your pool water up to par. 

Precision & Accuracy

The TF-100 and TF-Pro kits are impressively very accurate and most users have shown a complete reliance on their results as opposed to other pool testing kits, which are subject to a myriad of contradicting opinions. 

One thing that could be improved was the pH variance on the pH meter, as the readings are only available in increments of 0.3. However with time, you get the hang of it and learn to distinguish between the slight color variances yourself and make a correct estimate. 

Overall, these kits provide reliable results and once you learn the dynamics of pool water chemistry, you can consider saying goodbye to your pool maintenance guy. 

Ease Of Use

Both test kits are user-friendly, offering tests that are hard to mess up, which is particularly encouraging for pool beginners who might feel daunted by the complexities of water testing.

Each test comes with a set of clear and straightforward instructions to guide you through every step of the way. Overall, these uncomplicated test kits are a valuable tool for both beginner and experienced pool owners alike. 

Quantity of Reagents

The TF-100 and TF-Pro kits come with a reasonable amount of reagents for each test. Each reagent can perform approximately 100 tests. However, here’s a detailed comparison between the amount of tests offered by each test kit. 

TestsTF l-100 (Approximate Amount)TF-Pro (Approximate Amount)
Combined Chloramines100100
Chlorine FAS-DPD100100
Chlorine OTO100100
pH Test100100
Total Alkalinity7070
Cyanuric Acid1524
Calcium Hardness3636

TF-100 vs TF-Pro: Which Kit is Right For You?

Given the similarity in their features and level of accuracy, it is evident that both TF-100 and TF-Pro are excellent kits for testing pool water.
That being said, you can experience the efficiency and precision that the Smart Stir brings to the table by purchasing it separately, even without upgrading to the TF-Pro.

Thus I would go for the TF-100 kit and purchase the magnetic stirrer separately for $30 on Amazon. You can check the updated price of the TF-100 from Amazon by clicking on the image below: