Pentair Globrite Alternatives- No Alterations Required

Tired of persistent leaking issues and frequent failures that are not only frustrating but also draining your hard earned money?

If you’re among the many pool owners dealing with the recurring failure of Globrite pool lights, it’s high time to explore a reliable solution that will put an end to your pool lighting problems once and for all. In fact, we had to compile a list of all the common Pentair GloBrite Problems.

Moving forward, we’ll help you discover not one but two efficient Pentair Globrite alternatives that are not only reliable in the long run but also prove less burdensome on your wallet over time. So without further talking, let’s get right into the details!

2 Best Alternatives for Pentair Globrite

  1. Pentair Microbrite LED Spa And Pool Light

Unlike the Globrite that has a high failure rate, Pentair Microbrite offers reliable performance. However, we consider this statement debatable since Microbrite hasn’t been in the market for as long as Pentair Globrite. 

Microbrite vs. Microbrite-G

Up till now, Microbrite has emerged as a suitable replacement for Globrite LED lights. It is available in two different variations; Microbrite and Microbrite-G.

The former requires a Globrite to Microbrite adapter to fit into the proprietary receptacle of the Globrite pool lights. The Microbrite-G, on the contrary, comes with the adapter and does not require you to make a separate purchase. 

Now that there’s some clarity about the installation and compatibility of the Microbrite lights, let’s talk about the features and performance. 

Light Performance & Controls

Just like the Pentair Globrite, the Microbrite lights are an energy efficient choice offering exceptional brilliance and lighting uniformity throughout the pool. Microbrite offers both colored and white lighting options, which can be controlled using any Pentair Color Sync controller. 

In fact, these lights integrate seamlessly with all automation systems by Pentair. This ensures a hassle free transition – simply swap out the Globrite with Microbrite lights and you’re done. 

Design & Installation 

The compact 3.5 inches design provides you the flexibility to fit them in narrow walls and tight spaces. Since no niche is required, the installation is pretty straightforward – Microbrite lights fit into all standard 1.5 inch pool wall fittings.

However, if you’re installing them in existing Globrite wall fitting, make sure to get your hands on the adapter for a successful installation of the Microbrite lights in your pool or spa. 


Price wise, Globrite and Microbrite both are similar, leaving little to consider when it comes to comparing costs. In terms of longevity however, the Microbrite LED pool light by Pentair makes a better choice. You can check the updated price by clicking on the image below:

  1. PoolTone Nicheless 1 ½” Pool/Spa Light

It’s no secret that Pentair Globrite is notorious for its persistent leaking issue, which ultimately leads to the failure of the lights within the casing.

That’s exactly where this PoolTone LED light won us over. This light has proved to be a dependable alternative to Pentair Globrite over the years.

Construction & Light Performance 

The LED bulbs of this light are finely encased within a clear plastic housing, constructed with a high quality seal that doesn’t crack, break, or leak like the Globrite and keeps the internal components safe from water damage.

This careful design consideration effectively prevents the water from seeping in, and the LED lights within remain functional for years without fail. 

This LED pool light is rated for 50k hours of operation, and comes with a 1 year warranty. The light performance is excellent, and as per the claims of the company, these are the brightest nicheless lights available in the US.


Just like the previously mentioned alternative, this PoolTone Spa light also fits all standard 1.5 inch wall fittings. But to have them fixed in the existing Globrite receptacle, you’ll need an adapter, which by the way comes along with the lights.

No additional purchases required here and that means the transition from the Globrite to these alternative LED lights will be seamless and uncomplicated.

Color Options & Controls

This light offers a 16 color show/combination, including 7 solid colors and 9 color shows. Unlike the Pentair Microbrite that is operated by a controller, you can control this pool light through a light switch. 


Overall, this LED pool light offers a user friendly installation and operation. Apart from the reliability in performance and lifespan, this pool light also comes at a more affordable price point, which makes it an appealing choice for pool owners. 

Final Word- Which One is the Better Pentair GloBrite Alternative?

Persistent leaks, failures, and associated frustrations have led many pool owners to look for alternatives that offer relief from the constantly problematic performance of the Pentair Globrite. The aforementioned Microbrite and Pooltone LED pool light are both great alternatives for the Globrite. 

While they’re similar in terms of performance, Pentair MicroBrite gets a significant advantage over the Microbrite in terms of ease of installation and switching over, since it is basically the brand and platform.

As a result, MicroBrite is also better able to integrate with Pentair’s automation systems. You can click on the image below to buy it from Amazon:

Nonetheless, PoolTone Nicheless remains a viable option, especially for those who value a longer reputation in the market more.

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