Polaris 380 Wheels Not Turning- Here’s What To Do

Polaris 380 has been a favorite among pool owners for quite some time, thanks to its superb performance and longevity. This does not, however, mean that it is not prone to having a bug every once in a while.

An uncommon issue faced by most pool cleaner owners is that the wheels stop turning. If you own a Polaris 380 and are presented with this problem, you have come to the right place. Here are a few common causes of the wheels being stuck, and their respective solutions. 

Loose or Worn-Out Belts

This is the most frequent cause of jamming of the wheels of Polaris 380. Therefore, this should be the first thing that must be ruled out, should you face this problem. The wheels of Polaris 380 have drive belts that are wrapped around their axles. These rotate with the wheels.

However, if they get loose or worn out especially after being used for a long time, they can prevent the wheels from turning. 

The condition of the drive belts can be checked simply by taking the cover of the Polaris 380 off. If the belts are shabby, they definitely need to be replaced for the wheels to start turning again. You can get the belt replacement from Amazon by clicking here.

If they are just loose, however, tightening them should do the job.

Internal Hoses Have Lost Connection

The Polaris 380 cleaner consists of a number of internal hoses in its unit that connect the various parts. These are secured in place with the help of zip ties. If the zip ties are broken, or if any of the hoses have popped off and lost connection, the wheels of the cleaner will ultimately stop turning.

These need to be checked by disassembling the unit and inspecting the positions of these hoses relative to those mentioned in the manual. 

If the internal hoses are disconnected, they need to be plugged back in and secured with zip ties. I recommend using these velcro ties instead of the regular zip ties for longer term fix. This should be enough for the wheels to be running!

Blocked Propulsion Jets

This is another fairly common cause for the wheels of Polaris 380 to be stuck. Propulsion jets are an essential component of the cleaner that are placed near the bottom, and force water through it. These are particularly prone to being clogged by dirt, debris, plaster, or almost any other thing that reaches them.

In case of blockage of these jets, water flow is impeded and the wheels of the Polaris 380 stop turning. 

To fix this problem, you will need to take apart the whole Polaris 380 unit with the help of a screwdriver. This is essential because of the difficult positioning of the propulsion jets.

Once you get to them, check each jet individually and blow with an air compressor. Use a straightened paper clip to get rid of tiny debris. Once the jets are clean and fully functioning, the wheels should automatically start turning. 

Faulty Booster Pump

Let us take a step back here and remind ourselves that Polaris 380 works principally on the basis of water pressure. Therefore, any factor that affects water pressure in the unit also affects the movement of the wheels and the functioning of the entire unit.

This is especially true in cases where the booster pump is faulty. For the purposes of identifying a malfunctioning pump, it is imperative to remember that a normal pump should throw a water stream at approximately 4 feet.

First of all, you need to make sure that the booster pump is properly attached and turned on. After this, look for any leaks in or around the pump and fix them.

If this does not resolve the problem, take the pump off and look for any dirt or debris stuck in the impeller and clean it. In case of a broken component, the booster pump will likely need to be replaced. 

Dirty Filter Screen:

This is another frequently encountered cause of stuck wheels in Polaris 380. If you look at the wall fitting area of the cleaner unit, you will find a filter screen.

The purpose of this filter is to prevent obstruction to water flow by holding back small particles. Naturally, if the filter screen is fully clogged by these particles, water flow will be adversely affected. 

It is ideal to take a look at the filter screen if the wheels of your Polaris 380 are not turning. In case of blockage, take a clean brush and unclog the filter. This should increase the water flow, allowing the wheels to move.

If you think the filter screen needs replacement, you can get a filter screen replacement for not a lot of bucks.

The Pressure Relief Valve Has Failed:

This is a rather unique cause of the Polaris 380 wheels being stuck is the malfunctioning of the pressure relief valve. This valve is present on the wall fitting of the unit, and as the name implies, it functions to relieve extra pressure.

Simply put, it ensures that the cleaner gets an adequate supply of water to maintain the pressure at an optimum value. Any excess water is removed.

If the relief valve is broken or its function is compromised due to some other cause, excessive water is lost. As a result, the wheels of the cleaner stop turning.

To diagnose this, you need to thoroughly inspect the pressure relief valve of your cleaner. If it throws out excessive water at all times, or if it is broken at any place, it is time for it to be replaced. This should allow the wheels to start turning again.

Recommended Pressure Relief Valve:

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