What Color Pool Liner Looks Best? (Pictures Attached)

People living in warm climates find it necessary to have a relaxing spot in their house – and what is better than a swimming pool as a mood booster?

Stating that, we must mention that it is quite a task to select the perfect color of a pool liner for many. The color of the pool liner will set the entire mood of your outer space as it is the focal point and must complement the surroundings as well as stand out a bit. 

But when it comes to choosing that one shade for the liner, we are spoiled with a pool of choices.  In this post we will walk you through three of the best pool liner colors and also why we rate ‘blue’ as the best. Let’s get to some hand-picked options for for your pool liner color.

1. Blue Pool Liner

Classical and timeless…

One can never go wrong with a classic standard blue pool liner. The traditional blue pool liner comes in a variety of shades – each harmoniously combining the pool’s aesthetics.

An additional benefit is that blue color helps absorb just the right amount of sunlight – not too much to heat up the water nor too little to keep the temperature very low. A moderate temperature water also helps keep unwanted microorganisms at bay.

There are two particular shades of blue that I have a special appreciation for and so present them to you.

Deep Blue Liner

Deep blue has a spiritual side to it; it is referred to as the color of Heaven.  Just look at this stunning example below:

A swimming pool with a deep blue base radiates calmness and serenity.  Scientifically, this color slows down the metabolism and heart rate, stimulating depth and inspiring contemplation. 

If you like it warm and cozy, the deep blue liner will absorb sunlight better. Hence, you can start your swimming season earlier and not wait for proper summers.

Aqua Liner

With an aqua liner, your pool will make you recall the tropics.  This one will fulfil your craving to plunge into the ocean.  While the darker blue adds sophistication to your yard, aqua blue liner does quite the opposite.  It adds all the fun and refreshing vibes to the space.  The color instantly adds a joyous and pleasant feel in the air.

Here’s a great article comparing the aqua blue and aqua white shades from Stonescapes: Aqua Blue Vs Aqua White Mini Pebble

2. Black Pool Liner

The sophisticated one…

For a sinister look, you can install a black or very dark toned pool liner like emerald.  The visual drama and the level of sophistication that reflects from a black pool liner is unmatched. Have a look yourself:

Black Mini Pebble- @lakesidecustompools

But it comes with a heavy price to pay- the dark base calls for every defect to be dramatically visible. For instance, the calcium deposits on a black pool liner become very prominent as soon as they appear.

Furthermore, it makes the water so warm that messes up the pH of the water which serves as a contributing factor to algae growth. 

All in all, this color is not for the weak of heart. If you can cope with all the abovementioned issues, no other color delivers more on the aesthetics side and make the pool stand out as much. Being the risk-loving and overt kind of person I am, I would choose this one in a heartbeat.

3. White Pool Liner

For a classical pool look…

A white base reflects clear blue sparkly water giving a giant city pool look and a classical feel. It still remains a popular choice despite a myriad of pool liner options available.

Pools finished with white liners also come with significant cost savings. The temperatures are also going to remain low with this this one.

However, this might not be your ‘ideal pick’ if you are planning to add a modern hint to your house; the white base gives out a dated look to your outer space. It is also prone to corrosion and wear and tear.

You might want to invest in printed patterns with this one as they are more forgiving to the imperfections.

Buying Guide For The Best Pool Color

We all know that water is colorless on its own. We also know that it is the ‘reflected colors’ from an object that determine what colors we see.  Most people believe the blue appearance of pool water is because it reflects the color of the sky. However in reality, it is the reflected sunlight that brings about the blue hue. 

Water is capable of taking in the red, orange and yellow (long wavelength present in the light) quicker as compared to blue. Therefore, instead of absorbing, water molecules reflect back the blue wavelength from the white light of the sun. This is how water filters out the blue part of the spectrum for our eyes to see. 

The water will continue to appear true blue if the pool liner is white, gray or blue. However, a darker shade like a black or green base will make the water appear greener. The blueness of the water intensifies as the pool gets deeper. 

If you are still unable to choose, the most straightforward and ‘you-can’t-go-wrong-with-this’ choice would be blue. Regarding the specific shade, there is really no set rule with it.

One thing is for sure, that you can go with whatever blue you like and it won’t mess up your pool’s look and that’s a great convenience considering the dozens of blues available out there.

Choosing the right pool liner color will add to the value of the house, keep the water from overheating or cooling and affect the body’s internal activities positively. Again, blue colored pool liners keep the water conditions at their optimum. 

We hope this guide helps you in making the right decision for your next pool liner purchase.

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