Mini Pebble vs Pebble Tec- What’s the difference? (With Pictures)

Broadly speaking, there are two types of pool surfaces: pebble pool surface and plaster pool surface. Pebble pool surfaces have overtaken plaster in terms of popularity during the last few years.

Pebble surfaces offer a greater variety of colors and textures to choose from and have lower maintenance, generally. The only downside would be that they are slightly pricier.

For the sake of discussion here are a few points to consider:

  • Mini Pebble is just one of the six series currently being offered by the brand StoneScapes.
  • Pebble Tec is direct competitor of StoneScapes which offers its own four series.

Mini Pebble by StoneScapes and Pebble Tec are two of the most popular surface choices within the pebble pool community. In this article, we delve into their differences and try to give you a definitive answer as to which one would be better for you.

Looks and Aesthetics

Mini pebble pools have long been considered the epitome of aesthetic appeal. They are able to replicate the natural colors of sea much more accurately than Pebble Tec.

The lead is further enhanced by the fact that they offer much more colors and variations to choose from, thus always providing something for each customer to choose form. You can check out the complete the array of color options on our in-depth review.

Here are a few pictures:

Mini Pebble Aqua Blue- @irelandpoolsinc
Mini Pebble Aqua White- @premierpoolplastering

Pebble-Tec, the originator of aggregate pool finish, is the only authentic manufacturer of Pebble Tec finish. They use a mixture of high quality pebbles, glass beads, and seashells to maintain clarity. They are also considerably resistant to discoloration.

Generally speaking, Pebble Tec pools have a more modern look than Mini Pebble which gravitates towards a more conventional and natural look. Thus, homes with a modern architecture should seem more compatible with Pebble Tec.

Pebble Tec pool surface- @keithzarpools
Pebble Tec PebbleSheen- @keithzarpools

As far as personal preference goes, I favor the Mini Pebble but the choice is entirely subjective. One thing is for sure: whichever way you go between these two, you can not go wrong.

Texture and Feel

One thing that you need to remember is that all pebble surfaces will be rougher than plaster, regardless of what you go with. With that being said, Mini Pebble is one of the smoothest finishes you can get among the stone surfaces.

It has been declared entirely comfortable for shorter durations, by a majority of users. However, it can get a little rough if you have been in the pool for a while.

Since Pebble-Tec offers four lines of finishes, the comparison would not be fair without stating each of their textures. So here it goes:

  1. The Original: Made from the largest pebbles, they give an earthy and natural feel.
  2. PebbleSheen: They are comprised of slightly smaller pebbles to provide a bit more refined feel.
  3. PebbleFina: The finely grounded natural pebbles provide the smoothest aggregate finish.
  4. PebbleBrilliance: These are the most appealing, visually due to the use of vibrant glass beads.

Mini Pebble is a bit smoother than The Original but rougher than PebbleSheen. Pebble Tec offers more versatility of design, though. For a more level comparison, read Mini Pebble vs PebbleSheen.

Durability and Maintainence

Both Mini Pebble by StoneScapes and Pebble Tec are extremely durable choices. Top pool contractors in New York were not able to give a verdict since they have not had to redo most pools in over 20 years of installation.

All pebble surfaces are far more durable than plaster. These two in particular will easily last you 15 to 25 years. And even then, they will not require any major overhauls.

The maintenance with these both is essentially non-existent. You can simply forget about both of them after their installation. Just regular pool hygiene will be sufficient.

Cost or Value for money

Plaster pools are way cheaper than pebble ones. Plaster pools cost around $4 per square foot but pebble surfaces can cost upward of $10 per square foot.

Between the two, Mini Pebble would be cheaper, given that all the other factors are same. A clear-cut answer becomes even more difficult because the total costs are influenced heavily by the labor and construction costs. Thus, they vary considerable based on your location and your contractor.

Conclusion- What to choose?

The choice boils down to personal preferences, in terms of looks, and two other factor; versatility and cost. For most people, the visual differences should be enough to choose from either of them. Pebble Tec offers more versatility of design while Mini Pebble by StoneScapes is cheaper, usually.

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