T Cell 15 vs. T Cell 940- An In-depth Comparison

Hayward offers a multitude of options when it comes to salt chlorination systems. The T Cell 15 and the T Cell 940 are two commonly used salt cells, manufactured by Hayward for in-ground pools. These replacement salt cells are similar to each other in function. However, a few features set them apart from each other. If you’re deciding between the T Cell 15 vs T Cell 940, make sure to give a read to the following comparison for some added perspective to your opinion. 

So let’s get right into it!

What is the T Cell 940?

The T Cell 940 is an extended-life turbo salt cell by Hayward. Its main function is to convert the salt in the pool into chlorine. It also serves to sanitize the pool water continuously, leaving it safe for your skin as well as your health. 

What is T Cell 15?

The T Cell 15 is also a replacement salt cell by Hayward, which serves the same function as that of the T Cell 940. It keeps the water naturally sanitized and converts pool salt into chlorine. 


Hayward is known for manufacturing superior quality pools and pool equipment so you can expect an excellent performance from their salt cell systems i.e. T Cell 15 and T Cell 940 as well. 

Both these salt cells are excellent at what they’re supposed to do. With the installation of T Cell 15, you’ll notice a dramatic improvement in the quality of your pool water. The T Cell 15 rapidly converts the pool salt into chlorine, which renders it a reliable choice if you’re experiencing low salt or chlorine issues in your pool. 

Likewise, the T Cell 940, which comes from Hayward’s Expert Line series, doesn’t disappoint either. It works just as well as the T Cell 15. In fact, I’d rather say the performance of the T Cell 940 is a notch above its counterpart because it pumps 20 to 25% more chlorine due to its extended life. 

Both these salt cells help in water sanitization, keep the salt and chlorine levels balanced, and make the pool water safe for your health. Apart from that, they’re designed for in-ground pools up to 40,000 gallons and will help you reduce the chlorine costs season after season. 

While both these salt cells are great at their job, the T Cell 940 gets a slight edge over the T Cell 15 because it is the newer and improved version of the previous T Cell 15. 


Both T Cell 15 and T Cell 940 are designed for the long haul. Most people fail to see the price and longevity comparison of Hayward’s T Cell with that of the off-market salt cells. 

The off-market salt cells or Hayward’s imitations sure do cost less but they last around a year or two, at best. Additionally, they don’t help with energy savings either. On the contrary, the T Cell 15 and T Cell 940 last 3 to 4 years, without a hitch and hence, provide good value for the money.

Moreover, their T Cells are backed by a long warranty, which speaks for the reliability itself. The T Cell 15 and T Cell 940 are long-lasting salt cells and will certainly live up to your expectations in terms of durability. 


The T Cell 940 outshines the T Cell 15 when it comes to warranty. The T Cell 15 offers a 3-year warranty period and 1 year (For T Cell 15W). On the other hand, the T Cell 940 offers an extra year of warranty over the T Cell 15, making it a 4-year warranty period for the 940. 

However, this warranty is only valid if you purchase from the manufacturer directly or from their brick-and-mortar sellers. If purchased from online stores, your salt cells will only come with a 90-day period and will not be eligible for the 3 or 4-year warranty offered by Hayward. 

Price and Value of Money

The T Cell 940 is an Expert Line product and is sold by Hayward’s local pool professionals only. You can find the T Cell 940 for $950 to $1200 at different places. Now, this surely sounds expensive, but given the value for money and longevity of Hayward’s products and the inefficiency of the off-market salt cells, the price seems justifiable. 

The T Cell 15, on the other hand, offers a major cost cut down as compared to the T Cell 940. It is available for $650 to $700 online and at local pool stores as well. 

The Verdict 

The T Cell 15 and T Cell 940 are superior quality products by Hayward and offer reliable performance. But comparing the prices of the T Cell 15 and 940, the T Cell 15 seems more promising. Sure, the T Cell 940 offers an extra year of warranty and a higher chlorine production (724 lbs. Vs. 500 lbs.), but it honestly doesn’t seem worth the double cost. But at the end of the day, the choice is yours!

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