Spa Frog vs. Nature 2- A Comprehensive Comparison

If you’re seeking a way to minimize your reliance on traditional chlorine based sanitizing for your pool or spa, mineral sanitizing systems offer just the right solution. 

Two popular options in the market are Spa Frog and Nature 2. These sanitizing systems are known for their effective mineral sanitizing performance and reducing the need for chlorination in pools or spas.

Moving forward, we’ll help you evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of both the systems by comparing their sanitizing mechanisms, water quality, ease of use, and value for money. 

So let’s dive right into the details!

Sanitizing Mechanism

Spa Frog

Spa Frog employs a combination of minerals and bromine to sanitize water. The mineral cartridge of Spa Frog includes silver and copper, which are natural sanitizing agents with microbial properties and algae controlling abilities.

Besides the mineral cartridge, Spa Frog also utilizes a bromine cartridge that aids the sanitization process by serving as a disinfectant. A stable and consistent release of minerals and bromine is ensured by an adjustable floater, helping to minimize the frequency of maintenance as well. 

Nature 2

Similarly, Nature 2 also uses a mineral cartridge based on minerals like silver and copper. As the water passes through the cartridge, trace amounts of silver ions and copper are released into the water. These minerals inhibit the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms. However, unlike Spa Frog, which uses a bromine cartridge in addition to the mineral cartridge, Nature 2 relies solely on the sanitizing power of the minerals.

Water Quality

Both Spa Frog and Nature 2 rely on minerals for water sanitization. These systems minimize the growth of bacteria, algae, and other microorganisms, resulting in safer and softer water as compared to traditional chlorine sanitizing.

With the use of both Spa Frog or Nature 2, you can expect a noticeable difference in the water quality of your pool or hot tub/spa. Since these systems cut down the use of chemicals, especially chlorine, and use minerals for sanitization instead, you’ll find the water softer. This helps to reduce the risks of skin rashes, dryness, eye redness, etc.

While Spa Frog has been reported for making the water green and causing mineral/copper stains, we don’t consider that a deal breaker since a little maintenance and upkeep, like using a metal remover or regular shocking, can keep this problem away. 

Overall, both Spa Frog and Nature 2 offer a comparable water quality, making it a tie between them. Yet, it’s important to remember that both of them serve as a supplement to sanitization only and must be accompanied by routine chemical shocking. 

Chemical Usage Reduction

Spa Frog

As per the manufacturer’s claims, Spa Frog reduces chemical use by 50% and chlorine by 75% overall. Thankfully, these are not mere claims, and the system does cut down chemical usage, leaving an odor-free pool with soft water.

Nature 2

Similarly, Nature 2 minimizes chlorine and bromine usage by up to 50% by relying on silver ions for pool sanitizing. The result is clean, clear water with reduced potential for the common discomforts and unpleasant odors of chemical sanitization.

Ease of Use and Installation

Spa Frog

The Spa Frog systems are user-friendly and boast a convenient installation process. You can either set up Spa Frog with the existing filtration system or use an adjustable floater to place the cartridges in the pool.

In addition, Spa Frog is compatible with a wide range of hot tubs and spas. Their sanitizing systems offer cartridges in various sizes to accommodate pools or spas with larger water capacity as well.

Nature 2

Likewise, the installation of Nature 2 is not a hassle either. You just need to place the cartridges in the in-line filtration system of your pool or spa.

Once installed, small amounts of minerals are released into the water for continuous sanitizing. Nature 2 products are compatible with all kinds of pools and spas, with different-sized cartridges for larger systems. 

Cost and Value for Money

Most people find the mineral sanitizing systems by Spa Frog and Nature 2 expensive due to the need for regular shock treatments and periodic replacements of the mineral cartridges. While it is true that shock treatments are a necessity, it’d be unfair not to acknowledge the significant reduction in monitoring and pool maintenance due to these mineral systems. 

Both Spa Frog and Nature 2 systems will cost you more than traditional chlorine-based sanitizing. However, this expense is fairly compensated by the convenience provided through continuous water sanitization.

All in all, if you don’t mind paying for convenience, these systems do provide good value for money. But, if you’ve mistaken these systems for a cheap or zero maintenance solution, they’re just not it. 

However, Nature 2 does get a slight edge over Spa Frog due to its long-lasting cartridges designed to work for up to 6 months. Spa Frog, in contrast, offers a cartridge life of a few weeks only.

Final Verdict- Which One to Buy?

In the end, the choice depends on individual needs and preferences. Both Spa Frog and Nature 2 are good alternatives for traditional chlorine-based sanitizing. Both provide nearly equal sanitization power. Spa Frog has a wider compatibility range, while NAture 2 provides slightly better value.

Mineral-based sanitizing offers numerous benefits including reduced usage of chemicals and safer water while promoting an environment-friendly approach to pool and spa sanitization. In conclusion, if you’re thinking of adopting mineral sanitizing, Spa Frog and Nature 2 both are good options to consider!

Below are a few product comparisons to make pool hygiene maintainence easier: