Pentair Screenlogic Will Not Connect Locally/Remotely

Screenlogic is practical, and versatile, and offers a reliable interface to monitor your spa. You can’t go wrong with this, as managing the pool becomes nearly effortless. 

However, occasionally, you can encounter some problems, and troubleshooting may seem daunting, without the help of a professional. But you can manage well if you tweak around in a set pattern.

The sooner you find the cause, the quicker you can deal with the problem. Here’s what to do if your Screenlogic refuses to connect locally or remotely:

  1. Network Issues

A network issue is the most common reason for a failed connection, impacting both the local and the remote connection. Make sure that the network remains the same throughout. If you are running more than a single wireless router, this probably is why your Screenlogic is writhing with issues.

Many routers can emit more than a single signal. Uniforming the network will solve the problem in this case.

  1. Check the Parts Individually

Start by turning off the modem, router, control center, and all the internet devices connected to the router. Now switch them on again, starting with the modem (cable/DSL), wireless router, the control center, and Screenlogic wireless router.

Screenlogic wireless router would power up the protocol adapter. Now, wait till the system turns on. Once you see the router booted, turn on the rest of the devices attached to the router. This should reset the system in case of Dynamic addresses. 

  1. Reset

Screenlogic can be acting up, but sometimes all it needs to work again is a simple reboot. For a gazillion connection issues, there is this little solution that works in the majority of cases.

You can also try the previous step again if it doesn’t work once when you try it, though hit the reset button on each device this time around.

Resetting every device (especially the protocol adapters and the wireless router) will help bring Screenlogic back on track for remote and local connection issues. Grab a paper clip and press the reset button three times in the hole of the protocol adapter before waiting 30 seconds for it to work again.

Try uninstalling and then reinstalling the app once too.

  1. A Different Subnet

A different subnet can block out both connections. In this case, you may not see any of the Screenlogic protocol adapters when you try connecting locally or remotely. Your phone or the PC may be on a different subnet and, therefore, won’t appear. 

If your PC is attached wirelessly, there are high chances that the wired subnet is different from the wireless one, depending upon where the Protocol adapter is plugged.

For a hard-wired Protocol adapter (attached through an Ethernet cable) plugged into a router or switch, ensure the device (e.g. PC) is wired to the same switch/router. When faced with multiple ports (LAN/WAN), connect both to the “LAN” port.

  1. The Google Mesh Systems

If the message bugging your spa moments reads as “Searching for system controller”, and you have a mesh system, here’s a quick fix that might work. These systems don’t bond well unless you connect the protocol adapter directly to a mesh point. Such a typical situation can quickly falter your remote or local connection pathways.

Screenlogic and the Google Mesh system occasionally have problems in communication. You can also try pulling Screenlogic away from the router and hit reset.

  1. VPN

All such private connections should remain off, as they can interfere with the network when you try connecting remotely or locally. Make sure it isn’t turned on, on any of the devices in use. 

  1. Faulty Transmitter 

If the problem occurs only when connecting remotely and the fixes mentioned above don’t work, you might have to look at the transmitter. It is what allows a wireless connection and, therefore, is the most susceptible to damage in case of a faltering remote connection.

Grab a multimeter and the electrical diagrams on the owners’ menu. Now check the connections on the transmitter and see if you find the culprit.


For every Screenlogic user, connecting can pose an issue at least once in a while. But following the correct algorithm, you can unravel and decode the problem yourself.

Check the network for any issues or impediments before searching for faulty parts. Also, resetting and replacing small equipment seems a bit too easy but can do wonders for the health of the interface. However, if you fail to find out and resolve the issue even after this, you should seek professional help. You can always call Pentair tech support as it is pretty decent itself.

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