Pentair GloBrite Problems- Top 10 Issues and Complaints

Pentair GloBrites have been installed to brighten up several poolside evenings and spas to date, are powerful, eco-friendly and do wonders for your pocket in terms of operating costs. 

The bright, multi-coloured and easily controllable lights accentuate the pool features, adding to the aesthetic. They have several winning points but they aren’t the best option you’ll find and for quite some reasons.

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Here are some common complaints by the users:

1. Not Durable

Generally, LED lights are expected to have a lifespan of several years which Pentair promises as well. However, these lights rarely even last as long as they initially claim (at least 5-10 years). Reports have been heard of them breaking down within the first four years at max, right after the warranty breathes its last. 

GloBrites have failed within two months and at their best, they only have 3 to 4 years of life. This suggests poor durability and lesser value for your money in the end. And since Pentair Globrite fixtures are specific, you may end up spending money repeatedly, with no alternative. 

2. Expensive

Pentair GloBrites are expensive. And when you calculate the installation and frequent replacement, the figure rises to an indigestible level. Expect anywhere from above $350 for these together with a 100-foot cord. 

As installation by a professional is the only way to obtain a decent warranty, this will increase your total expense to $500 and above for a single light. With low durability, short lifespan and medium power, the bill is over-the-top for these. 

3. Limited Warranty

Pentair GloBrites are highly susceptible to early damage due to faulty design, however, only a warranty of 60 days is offered initially. The only possible way to extend it to a maximum of a year is by having the lights installed by the pool professional. In itself, this warranty period is too little for an LED. But as there are no alternatives for GloBrite users due to the specific fitting, this limited warranty can pose a huge problem.

4. Unresponsive Consumer Support

The recurring problems with the lights have made users knock on the doors of the Pentair support. But it turns out that mostly, no one’s home. They fail to resolve issues and Pentair stands behind its products despite realizing its obvious faults.

Although they claim that the lights last “several years”, they often have been heard saying that the water breaks down the chemicals over time to shut down the complaints. At other times, an impolite or just no response at all has also been heard.

5. Replacement Issues

The repetitive replacement due to their short lives is also an issue, consider the installation isn’t all that cheap! Moreover, you don’t get to alter the lights due to their fixtures and if you are faced with any delivery or product availability issue, you’ll just have to swim in the dark for a while then. Also, OEM Pentair lights are relatively harder to find, are expensive and break down even more easily. 

6. Water Intrusion 

This is one of the most heard complaints among the users of Pentair GloBrites. In many cases, the water would enter the light and allow rust to ruin the working. Soon after, the rust leaves the light and stains the pool instead. The seals leak to allow the water in. And even if they don’t, we’ve heard of the case cracking and doing the job instead too.

7. Problems in the Design

Back in 2013, when the design officially launched, it was fairly hyped but these lights desperately crave a redesign, now.

However, now some users even claim they are made to fail and open a money-pit for the consumers. As mentioned above, water often gets in and burns out the electronics, frequently, the case gets cracked and the lights lose sync. Many apply silicone sealant as a tiny hack to obtain extra protection from leakage. But these lights now desperately claw for a redesign.

8. Lesser LED Power

GloBrites are smaller and have lesser LED power than many others. As it imparts visibility in the pool, you will have to install twice the number of lights to get the same results as, maybe an Intellibrite light. This adds to the cost and hassle.

9. Syncing Issues

GloBrite lights often go out of sync, but this isn’t as great of a concern for owners. The problem is solvable, although many may not know how. You have to reset the lights back to normal if you notice any of them not following up on the colours. Turn them on, and within 10 to 15 seconds of doing so, put them out and repeat 31 times.

10. Other Issues

Some other, though slightly rarer issues include: 

Defective Products

It isn’t all that common but many complaints have been heard of the lights failing within days. Thankfully, you can have them replaced. Mind the shipping fees, however. 

Weak Case

There have been instances where the light case itself breaks or cracks, resulting in immediate failure of the light as water enters. 


When they work, Pentair GloBrites can enhance your pool like a charm. But there have been way too many complaints regarding the lights being flimsy. Water intrusion is a common headache and replacement is already a sticky wicket for the owners.
I believe that it is better to just steer clear of them and pools with these lights, as there is nothing you can do once you’ve bought it. The fixture doesn’t allow any other light and you will become stuck in a cycle of installation and replacement.

Opt for Pentairs’ Intellibrite LED lights instead as significantly more reliable and powerful options. Alternatively, you can read my compilation of the best Pentair Globrite Alternatives.

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