Aqua Genie Skimmer Problems

Aqua Genie skimmers can be effortlessly installed with a minimized number of holes added in the pool floor and wall. They also offer optimum water circulation. However, there are some problems that you might encounter using these, including:

1. Basket Size

Large basket size is a false claim propagated on several sites about these skimmers. The basket used will not hold out as much debris as a standard skimmer simply because it is much smaller comparatively! You might have to make more time frequently to cleanse it out than you would for a standard skimmer. 

2. Winterization

More often than not, Aqua Genies are held accountable for issues with winterization. Now, if you live in an area where the temperature drops low every year, Aqua Genies could be possibly troublesome candidates for keeping the pool water crystal clear. 

Fewer pool builders and service providers know their way well around them. Additionally, sometimes, the covers will not seal the Aqua Genie returns. And by the time the cold spell ends, you might end up with cracked plumbing lines. Also, disassembling the system each year for winterization will slowly but surely take a toll on the screws and the returns. 

3. Burn Outs

A possibility, with the amount of power the skimmer requires: the pump may burn out. This happens when the power isn’t adequately utilized, but the supply accumulates. For instance, if the water level drops lower than the skimmer, you risk burning out the pump.

4. Stripped Screws

As mentioned, pulling apart the system year after year for winterization weathers the parts down. It tears apart the threads, and the same size of the screws won’t do the work any longer. You will need larger screws eventually, a small but frustrating problem. The doors, seals and returns are at risk of wearing down too.

5. Misplaced Debris

It has been reported that although the skimmer provides excellent circulation and suction power to pull in all kinds of debris, sometimes the same particles it captured can escape back into the pool. Debris is shot up from the basket back into the pool, leaving your collection slightly less perfect than you envisioned.  

6. Compatibility

Aqua Genie can have a shorter lifespan if saltwater systems are brought into the game. Simply because of the way these skimmers are installed into the vinyl pool liner, you may risk rotting. Aqua Genies are fixed with gaskets on both sides of the steel wall. Typically, there is a gap between these two gaskets, which lets the water reach the steel and eventually rot it.

7. Availability

This may or may not be the case in your area, but these can be relatively rare in certain regions. Moreover, they’re much more complicated than standard skimmers, making them less desirable for usage and installation. Not all pool builders will know how to install the skimmer perfectly, either. 

Some Good Alternative Skimmers

Here are some possible, even better, replacements for an Aqua Genie pool skimmer.

Hayward SP1082

Hayward SP1082 provides excellent suction power and makes quick work out of keeping your pool clean. With a much higher accessibility and ease of usage rate than Aqua Genie, Hayward provides almost the same amount of power for keeping the pool tidy. Moreover, it can handle the low water level and adjust accordingly without putting too much strain on the pump.

Sta-Rite 08650-4404

Another skimmer that offers almost the same features at a competitive price and with an even greater accessibility and compatibility range. Sta-Rite in-ground pool skimmer keeps the water fresh and clean while avoiding being an energy drain. The debris collects in a large basket, and you can later dispose of it conveniently. 


Choosing a skimmer, for most people, seems like an insignificant decision. But put a good few years down the lane, and you will find just how useful a good skimmer can be. Going for standard skimmers, like the Hayward SP1082, is a nicer and safer decision. They aren’t complicated and are easy to handle. 

But if you do want to opt for Aqua Genies, I don’t think they are a poor option either, aside from a few problems here and there, specifically with winterization, stripped screws, and scrapped doors and weirs. These are easy to plumb and install, circulate water well, make quick work of any fallen debris and are durable.

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