Pentair Intellibrite Controller Not Working – Troubleshooting Guide

Experiencing occasional hitches while enjoying the innovative features of advanced hardware like the Intellibrite is not something unusual. If you’ve found yourself facing the frustration of an unresponsive Intellibrite Controller, you’re not alone.

The controller not working is not the only problem Pentair Intellibrite users experience. Here is a list of top five problems related to Pentair Intellibrite 5G.

But don’t worry, in this guide, we’ll help you identify the issue and provide easy workarounds for the common problems with an Intellibrite Controller. So let’s dive into the troubleshooting process!

Lights Not Turning On

If you turn the controller on but the pool/spa lights do not respond or turn on, there might be an issue with the installation setup of the controller.

An incorrect configuration can lead to issues with your Pentair Intellibrite controller, and as a result, the pool lights will fail to respond to the commands of the controller.

What To Do

  • Check the installation setup of the controller with the pool lights.
  • Make sure the line voltage input (Black and White) to your Intellibrite controller and switched output wire (Red) is at 120 VAC. 

If the configuration is correct but the lights still do not respond, there can be several other issues. 

Electrical Overload

The Pentair Intellibrite Controller can endure a load of up to 285 W. If you notice the LED lights on the controller flickering or not turning on, the reason for this can be excessive electrical load on the controller. 

Overload usually happens when too many lights are connected to the controller or running on high intensity, leading to a power draw that exceeds the controller capacity. 

If the electrical load exceeds the 285W limit, it can lead to malfunctioning of the controller, a tripped circuit breaker, or damage to the internal components of the controller.

What To Do

  • Remove excess electrical load by reducing the amount of connected lights or lowering the power settings, and recycle the power to your Intellibrite controller.

Controller Configuration 

If your pool/spa lights turn on but do not remain synchronized with each other, it can be due to the controller settings.

You may have not properly configured the controller to keep all the lights synced with each other or might have accidentally activated the Fountain Mode on the controller. 

What To Do

  • Check the lights and the controller by choosing one of the fixed color modes.
  • If all lights do not display the same color, it is highly likely the lights are set in Fountain Mode. 

To turn off the Fountain Mode:

  • Turn on the controller.
  • Using the Push Button, perform the Off-On cycle 31 times to take the lights out of Fountain Mode.
  • Now check the lights again and see if they remain synchronized.
  • If not, get in touch with the manufacturer support for further guidance. 

Faulty Controller Wiring

It is possible that the wiring of your Intellibrite controller is faulty, which is why it is not working. There can be several situations, such as damaged wiring due to wear and tear over time, loose connections, or wrong connections causing disruption in the flow of electricity to the controller. 

All this can cause inconsistent functioning of the controller and can even lead to equipment damage.

What To Do

  • Inspect the wires for any signs of damage or loose connections. If you notice any signs of damage, repair or replace the wires, as needed.
  • Make sure the wires are connected correctly. Follow the instructions on the manual when setting up the controller. Use a multimeter to check the continuity of wires and connections.
  • If you lack experience with electrical work, consider getting the help of a professional. 

Faulty Lights

Another possibility is that your controller is completely functional and the issue lies with the functionality of the pool/spa lights themselves.

If the lights fail to turn on when you turn on the controller, it is important to determine if the lights are faulty. Here’s how:

What To Do 

  • Temporarily disconnect the controller from the lights. 
  • Operate the lights directly through a wall switch to find out if the lights are working.
  • If not, the issue lies in the lights and not the controller. 
  • However, if the lights turn on using a wall switch, you’ll have to identify the issue in your Intellibrite controller. 

Insufficient Power Supply

Your Intellibrite controller may fail to function if it’s not receiving the right amount of power supply. 

What To Do

  • Inspect the circuit breakers to make sure they’re not tripped.
  • Check the wiring to ensure power is reaching the lights.

Unresponsive Controller Buttons

It is possible that the control panel of your Intellibrite has failed. The buttons and controls can stop working due to wear and tear over the years. At times, it can be a manufacturing defect and at other times, it’s just a sign of age. 

What To Do

  • If you can get the pool lights to turn on through a wall switch, it’s obvious that the problem lies within the controller.
  • In this case, try to identify the issue with your controller using the guidelines provided above. 
  • If none of these work for you, reach out to Pentair’s support or purchase a new controller. 

Final Word

Whether you’re dealing with unresponsive lights, synchronization issues, or power supply problems, the key is to start the troubleshooting process by checking the basics, such as the wiring and controller settings.

By following the guidelines mentioned above, you can fix most issues of your Intellibrite controller. However, if the issue persists, reach out to a professional or get in touch with manufacturer’s support.

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