Pentair Microbrite Alternatives – Two Reliable Lighting Solutions

Looking for pool lights that bridge gaps and leave behind the limitations of Pentair Microbrite? You’re exactly where you need to be!

We’ve got two standout options that make an excellent alternative for the Microbrite pool lights. But here’s the deal – even these impressive alternatives come with their own set of quirks. 

Moving forward, we’ll do a comprehensive product breakdown for you and your job is to balance the good and not-so-good features and decide the kind of trade-off you’re willing to make. 

So let’s dive into the options!

PoolTone 1.5″ Nicheless LED Pool Lights

Key Features

  • Nicheless Wall Mount
  • Compatible with Vinyl Liner, Fiberglass, Concrete or Gunite Pools and Spas
  • Fits All Standard 1 1/2 inch Pool Fittings
  • 15 to 100 Feet Cord Lengths Available 
  • Comes With a 1 Year Warranty

Due to its superior construction, this 1.5″ LED pool light is an excellent alternative for Pentair Microbrite. It offers 16 color shows/combinations, including 7 solid colors and 9 color shows. 


The problem, however, is its incompatibility with the automation system of Pentair. You can operate this PoolTone LED light manually using a simple light switch.

That being said, it won’t go with your existing Pentair system, which is not much of a problem since no additional controllers are required either.

Light Performance 

You can expect the brightest of light performance from these pool lights. These are the highest powered nicheless lights available in the US, as per the claims of the company, and considering the raving reviews by its users, we wouldn’t argue.

They have a slightly bigger outer diameter, but then they’re far brighter than Microbrites too. 

Construction & Build Quality 

Now moving on to the construction and build quality that’s just as impressive as the brilliant light performance. The LED bulbs are meticulously sealed in clear plastic to eliminate water leaking into the case.

The clear plastic case not only protects the internal components from water or moisture damage but also enhances the brightness of the LED bulbs inside. 


With a rating of 50,000 hours of operation and a one year warranty, these lights do stand the test of time.

The major contributing factor to their extended lifespan is the highly sealed plastic casing, which effectively prevents any moisture from seeping through and allows the bulbs to keep running for years without fail. 


In addition to a better light performance and longer lifespan than Microbrites, these PoolTone LED lights are also slightly cheaper, but not much to necessitate particular attention.

All in all, they’re a great alternative to Pentair Microbrite if you’re looking for brighter and longer lasting lights!

Pentair Globrite LED Pool Light

Key Features

  • Pairs with the IntelliCenter, IntelliTouch, and EasyTouch Control Systems
  • Vinyl, Concrete, and Fiberglass Niche Variations
  • Energy Saving Technology 
  • 5 Fixed Colors, 7 Light Shows
  • 1 Year Warranty 

Since Microbrite lights are smaller and come at a slightly lower cost, they may not provide the highest brightness levels, and hence, lead to user dissatisfaction to some extent. If that’s the case with you, you may want to consider the Globrites by Pentair. 


While the Microbrite alternative mentioned earlier is an excellent option, it does not work with Pentair automation systems.

In contrast, these Globrite pool lights work with multiple automation systems by Pentair and allow you to control your pool lighting with ultimate convenience. 

Light Performance 

The Globrite LED light showcases 5 brilliant fixed colors and 7 light shows that are noticeably brighter than those of Microbrite, allowing you to enhance your pool features and make your evening swims more relaxing and appealing. 

Construction & Build Quality 

Despite its remarkable light capacity, the Globrite has its set of weaknesses that compromise its desirability as a suitable choice. Unlike the aforementioned alternative and Microbrite lights, Globrites have a less than ideal construction quality

The LED bulbs have a high failure rate, mostly due to the poorly constructed case, which fails to prevent the water from seeping through inside. As a result of water damage, the LED bulbs stop functioning and require frequent replacements.

Other than water damage, the Globrites are generally prone to failing and do not last well given the price.

Proprietary Receptacle 

Apart from the failure rate, you must also keep in mind the proprietary receptacle of the Globrite, which can be a limiting factor for future replacements.

However, as a replacement for Microbrite, the receptacle is not an issue of concern. 


Price wise, the Globrite pool lights are slightly pricier than the Microbrites; however, that cost difference is balanced out by the brilliant light performance provided by Globrites.

Overall, choosing Globrite as a Microbrite alternative is a trade offer. You sure get better light performance but at the cost of the extended lifespan characteristic of the Microbrite.

Don’t mind me, it is still a great option but letting you know all the negatives is my duty. If you are interested in buying it, click here to buy it from Amazon, at the lowest price.

Conclusion- Which One to Buy?

Clearly, both options offer their unique strengths, yet they do bring along limitations that are worth noting. The PoolTone LED pool light provides a stellar light performance and brightness, offers a reliable lifespan, and comes at a slightly lower cost

Pentair Globrite, on the other hand, pairs seamlessly with several automation systems and offers an impressive light performance. However, it severely lacks durability, making it a financial burden over time. 

In conclusion, I think the Pentair MicroBrite is actually the best option among these three. It is not only priced cheaper but has the compatibility of the GloBrites while retaining the build quality of PoolTone.

You can click below to buy it from Amazon, where it is frequently discounted:

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