Hot Tub Jets Turn On By Themselves

If you’re worried about the hot tub jets turning on by themselves, I’m guessing you’re a first-time user. Most hot tubs feature an automatic filtration cycle that causes the jets to turn on by themselves. So if you find your hot tub jets activate all of a sudden, it might just be the programmed blowout cycle at play. 

However, that’s not to say the automatic activation of the hot tub jets is normal at all times. It can be an indication of an underlying problem, at times. So let’s dig a little deeper and find out if and when it is okay for the hot tub jets to switch on automatically.

Why Do My Hot Tub Jets Keep Turning On?

As a first-time user, you may find the jets turning on by themselves unusual or problematic. However, most of the time, the jets are just doing what they’re supposed to do and there’s nothing to worry about. This automatic circulation feature keeps the water from stagnating in pumps that aren’t used frequently. 

But it is also important to note that the jets are not supposed to function 24/7. If you notice frequent or inconsistent blowout cycles in your hot tub or continuously functioning jets, the situation calls for a fix. 

The following are a few major reasons why the hot tub jets keep turning on. Let’s find out your situation and its solution (if required).

Regular Filtration Cycle

If your hot tub does not have a dedicated circulation pump, its filtration cycle is then supported by its jet pumps. The jets keep turning on after specific intervals in hot tubs without a circulation pump. 

This is because the jets are designed to support the programmed filtration cycles of the hot tub as well. During these filtration cycles, water is pushed out of the jets quickly and with great pressure. The jets remain active as long as the filtration cycle lasts and then turn off on their own. 

So each time the hot tub requires filtration or circulation, it will activate the jets automatically to support the blowout. Therefore, it is normal for the jets to turn on automatically after regular intervals for the programmed filtration cycle of the tub. 

To Maintain Temperature

Apart from circulation and filtration, the jets also help to maintain the temperature of the hot tub. The jets activate automatically when the temperature sensors of the hot tub notice a drop in the temperature of the water.

The jet pumps move the water through the heating system of the tub and help to circulate and mix the hot and cold water. Hence, maintaining its temperature. 

So whenever the hot tub needs to heat itself to a programmed temperature, it will activate the jets to kick off the heating process. 

Faulty Pump

As mentioned earlier, are programmed to start automatically at regular intervals for water circulation and then go off after a couple of minutes. 

In case the jets in your hot tub keep running at all times and do not turn off, there’s most likely a problem. A continuously running system of jets can be caused by a faulty pump, stuck relay, malfunctioning or incorrectly set timer. 

So if you notice the jets running 24/7, you need to get your hot tub checked by a professional to diagnose the root cause of the problem and get it fixed accordingly. 

Faulty Heating Element

Another reason that can cause the jets to keep running constantly is a burned-out or faulty heating system. It can cause the thermostat to stop working, which in turn leads to the jet pumps working continuously as the temperature can no longer be set or identified. 

To check the function of the heating system, turn off the thermostat to see if the pump stops working. If it doesn’t, this suggests the failure of the heating system. 

If the heating system of your hot tub has failed, get it repaired or replaced by a professional. 

Do Hot Tub Jets Stay On All The Time?

Most hot tub jets have two types of settings; the hard setting and the soft setting. The high power setting of the jets pressurizes the water in a certain manner for massages. This setting should be used when you’re in for a soak. 

The low-power setting, on the other hand, promotes circulation and keeps the water moving and sanitized. Other than that, it also helps to maintain the water temperature by activating the jets when the temperature drops below the set point. This setting makes the jets turn on by themselves after regular intervals. 

But overall, hot tub jets are not supposed to stay on all the time. They turn on during filtration or heating cycles and for massages when you’re in for a soak. 

How to Turn Off Hot Tub Jets?

Most hot tub jets turn off automatically after a set duration. Once the hot tub has completed its filtration or heating cycle, the jets will turn off by themselves. 

Besides that, you can look for the on/off button for jets on the control panel of your hot tub. You can use this button to turn off the jets or you can look in the user’s manual of the hot tub to find a way to turn off the jets. 

Keep in mind, it is almost never possible to turn off the jets if the hot tub is going through a filtration or heating cycle. 

In Conclusion

If your hot tub jets keep turning on by themselves, there’s probably nothing to worry about. Almost all hot tubs go through a programmed filtration and circulation cycle after regular intervals that require the activation of the jets. So they’re really just doing their job. The problem is only when the jets do not turn off at all and keep running continuously (except if designed to do so).

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