Brand New Hot Tub Leaking- Here’s What To Do?

Finding a leakage in a brand-new hot tub can be terribly disappointing. If you’re in a similar situation, you can use this guide to find the cause of leaks in your hot tub and fix them immediately.

Moving forward, you’ll find a few tips to identify the exact location of a leak in your hot tub and 6 common reasons for hot tub leaking along with easy solutions. 

How do I Find a Leak in my Hot Tub?

The most common sources of a leak in a hot tub are:

  • PVC pipes
  • Jets
  • Gasket
  • Shell
  • Light Housing

But, finding the exact source of a leak in a hot tub can be hard at times. The first thing you should do is check all the fittings of your hot tub. There can be a possibility of loose connections or loose plumbing unions as well. Other than that, check for cracks in the shell of your hot tub. 

If you’re having trouble with identifying the exact location of a leak, remove the panels of the tub and check where the water is accumulating on the ground because that’s where the leak is, most likely. However, if you fail to identify the source of the leak, it is best to get professional help.

Brand New Hot Tub Leaking: 6 Common Reasons With Solutions

Following are the few common reasons why your brand new hot tub might be leaking along with their fixes. So let’s get into it.

Cracked PVC Pipes

Pipes constitute a major part of the hot tub plumbing, and PVC pipes in particular, are the most used type of pipes in a hot tub. The chances of finding cracked PVC pipes in a brand-new hot tub are slim but you never know. 

In case you find cracks in a pipe, you’ll either have to replace the pipe or repair it. If you’re replacing the pipes, make sure to find the ones compatible with your hot tub system because PVC pipes are not universal fits. 


If the crack is minimal, you can probably do without replacing the pipe and simply repair it instead. 

Here’s how you can repair small cracks in the hot tub pipes:

  • Get your hands on a waterproof epoxy putty like the really economical JB WaterWeld.
  • Using the directions on the label, mix the epoxy putty.
  • Next, spread the mixture over the crack and allow it to set and cure within 1 hour.

We recommend you drain the tub before applying the putty for the best results. However, if the leak is minimal, you can apply it underwater too. And don’t worry how ugly it’d look because you can buff and paint the area as you like.

Note: If the cracks are irreparable, you’ll have to replace the pipes. 

Cracks in the Shell

The interior lining of a hot tub is referred to as its shell. The shell is often made out of acrylic, vinyl, plastic rotomold, stainless steel, etc. While the tub’s interior is quite durable, it is breakable regardless. 

The shell of your brand-new hot tub may have gotten defective while being delivered/installed or it may have received a hard impact while someone stepped into it. In any case, you don’t have to worry. 


Cracks in the shell of a hot tub are repairable, fortunately. Here’s what you can do:

  • Buy a not-so-expensive spa repair kit like the Grey Tones Light Cure Acrylic Repair Kit.
  • Carefully drill two small holes, one on either side of the crack. 
  • Next, prepare the spa repair mixture according to the directions on the label of your Spa Repair Kit.
  • Fill the holes and apply the mixture evenly on the cracked area. 
  • Allow it to cure for 30-60 minutes and your tub shell should be good. 

Tip: You can mix acrylic paint in the glue mixture to make the repair patch match the color of the tub’s interior.

Leaks at the Gasket

Leaks around the gaskets are pretty common in hot tubs. Since gaskets are made out of rubber and in contact with hot water in the tub at all times, they can become leaky. Gaskets do not fail in brand-new hot tubs often but if they’re poor in quality, there’s definitely a possibility. 

If you’ve used your hot tub a few times now, it means the gaskets around the heater tube have come in contact with heat, after all. This creates a possibility of them failing and causing leaks. 


By following the steps below, you can fix or replace the defective gaskets:

  • Firstly, drain the hot tub water.
  • Next, loosen the split nuts (which can be found screwed on the end of the pipe).
  • Now, remove the screws as well as the split nut.
  • Remove the gasket, which is housed inside the split nut. 
  • Place a new gasket if you see signs of wear and tear.
  • Once that’s done, reassemble the split nut with the screws and attach it to the pipe again. 

Pump Leaks

Apart from leakages due to the gaskets and loose union fittings, you can also encounter leaks in the pump itself. Such leaks normally occur when the pump is too old but it can also be caused due to manufacturing defects in the pump. 

If you find the pump leaking from the main body instead of its connections, the best solution is to replace it


You can replace the pump of your hot tub by following the few simple steps below:

  • Find the power rating of your hot tub pump.
  • Purchase a pump with similar power and ensure the compatibility of the connectors as well.
  • Disconnect any electric connections to your hot tub.
  • Remove the power cable from the installed pump and then loosen the connectors to disconnect the pump from the tub.
  • Once you’ve removed the old pump, place the new pump in and connect it to the hot tub. 

Loose Light Fixture

A loose light fixture can also cause leaks in your hot tub. If your hot tub came with preinstalled lights inside, there’s a chance the housing or connections of the lights are weak. If the housing of the light is loose, it can cause leaks at the bottom of your tub.


If you find a loose light connection in the hot tub, try to make the connections tight or use silicone or waterproof sealants like our recommended Gorilla Waterproof Caulk and Seal to seal the housing and stop the leaks.

Plumbing Defect

If your brand new hot tub is leaking, it can also be due to an inherent plumbing defect or an unidentifiable leaking spot in the shell. If this is the case with your hot tub, it has a manufacturing defect and must be handled by the company.


If your hot tub is leaking right out of the box and you can’t identify a possible reason for the leakage, get it checked by a hot tub professional. If that doesn’t help or you find an irreparable defect, it is time for you to claim the warranty and get your hot tub replaced ASAP.

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