Artesian Spas vs. Hot Spring Spas

Artesian Spas and Hot Spring Spas both are leading names in the hot tub manufacturing industry. They have a history of over 20+ years and are seriously committed to customer satisfaction. 

Having said that, it can be hard to make a choice when two leading brands are in question. However, what can help you is a comprehensive comparison between Artesian Spas and Hot Spring Spas to find out which one suits you the best. 

So let’s get to that immediately!


Artesian Spas has been in business for over 20 years and specializes in hot tubs and spas. They offer a versatile range of products with unique features that suit the lifestyle of the users. You can enjoy luxury hydrotherapies, hot tub customization, and much more with Artesian Spas. 

On the other hand, Hot Spring Spas introduced its first hot tub in 1978, making it one of the oldest experts in the industry with a history of 40+ years. Hot Spring Spas works in partnership with distributors and dealers from world over to serve customers around the globe. 

Product Line 

Artesian Spas offers a wide range of spas and hot tubs. At their website, you can choose from the various hot tubs available in their 4 major categories of hot tubs and spas.

The 4 major product lines by Artesian Spas are as follows:

  • Artesian Elite – includes spas with luxury hydrotherapy services
  • Island Spas and Island Spas Elite – everything is yours to customize
  • South Seas Spas – aesthetic appearance and unique features
  • Garden Spas – energy smart savings and efficiency 

In contrast, Hot Spring Spas offers an impressive line of hot tub spas with different features and flexible sizes (ranging from 2 seats to 7 seats). They offer 3 major spa lines:

  • Highlife Collection 
  • Limelight Collection, and
  • Hot Spot Collection

The Highlife Collection features the most luxurious hot tubs by Hot Spring Spas whereas the Hot Spot Collection is more about value and performance.

Quality and Performance 

Both Artesian Spas and Hot Spring Spas are top of the line spa manufacturers so you can expect excellent quality and performance from them.

Hot tubs by Hot Spring Spas boast a terrific construction. The hot tubs in the Limelight collection have a wooden construction but as you move to the luxury Highlife line, you can see the ABS plastic construction, which adds to the longevity and the aesthetic appeal of the tubs. 

The interior is all made from sturdy components that are put together well. The motors come with an exhaust system that keeps them cool during extended use. The hot tubs come with reasonable jetting, circulation, and an efficient insulation ability, promoting a great spa experience overall. 

Similarly, Artesian Spas offer the best hot tub spas in the industry. They’re packed with exceptional features and their performance is hard to beat.

Unlike Hot Spring Spas that offer ABS Plastic or wooden construction, the hot tubs by Artesian Spas boast a Lucite acrylic construction, which is one of the highest quality acrylics. It is resistant to water and UV damage, and is popular for its strength and attractive appearance. 

Their hot tubs come with highly pressurized, directional, and rotational jets in different sizes.  The tubs in their high end ranges offer helix jets, the incredible function of which is currently unparalleled in the market. The interior is fairly durable too, which means you can rely on Artesian Spas to serve you well over the years. 


As we speak of the terrific features and quality of the Artesian Spas, you should know they come at a fairly high cost. Especially the high end hot tub spas by Artesian will cost you a fortune. However, the price range is pretty flexible. 

The entry level hot tubs start from $4000 while the top tier models from the Artesian Elite line can cost you up to $18000. The good thing is you aren’t bound to pay all the money upfront because they offer financing too.

Likewise, Hot Spring Spas offers a versatile price range as well. You can purchase the entry level hot tub spas for $4000 and up. Whereas, the luxury hot tub spas start from $13000 and can go up to $20000 or more. But just like Artesian Spas, Hot Spring Spas also offer flexible financing options.

Customer Support 

The great thing about purchasing from either of these hot tub brands is the fact that they stand behind their products. 

Artesian Spas and Hot Spring Spas have a commendable customer support service. They’re responsive to complaints and general queries. Moreover, their customer support teams are well-educated about their products and know how to deal with the customer’s issues. 

You can reach out to Hot Spring Spas here or Artesian Spas here.

Final Word 

Overall, both Artesian Spas and Hot Spring Spas are reliable brands with top notch quality and services. However, Artesian Spas seems to have employed better and more advanced features in their hot tubs as well as a slightly better construction with high quality acrylic. But in the end, the decision is yours to make because both of these brands are trustworthy and definitely worth a shot.

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