Endless Pools Review

Endless Pools has been one of the leading pool manufacturing brands, and has won the trust of millions of people over the years. The brand was launched in 1988, and since then it has only risen in popularity. Endless Pools holds the status of a pioneer in various pool products and designs, and its contributions to aquatic therapy and workouts have been widely praised. 

Built in Aston, Endless Pools products are now available all over the world. If you are a swimming or fitness enthusiast and haven’t explored Endless Pools already, it might be the time to give it a go.


Although Endless Pools is known mainly for the original prototype pools, the brand offers a wide range of other versatile and innovative options as well. Here is a brief overview of all the pools that the brand offers:

The Original Series

The original endless pools have been a revolutionary addition to the world of swimming pools. They have motor generated, propeller powered currents that allow the swimmer to experience free water swimming while taking up minimal space. This can be highly therapeutic, as it allows relaxation and exercise of various muscles in the body. Moreover, it can also be used by athletes for training. The current is adjustable and allows the swimmer to precisely control the water flow.

Swim Spas

Swim spas by Endless Pools have been another one of their popular products. These are multipurpose pools that provide you with both health benefits and comfort. These swim spas can be customized according to the swimmers choice with various exercising facilities. The most distinguishing feature of these, however, is the relaxing hydrotherapy.

The Water Well Pool

The water well is a versatile pool which can be used for exercise and relaxation and is incredibly easy to maintain. It is particularly great for rehabilitation, as it relaxes muscle pain and improves blood circulation in the body.

Streamline Pools

Streamline pools are compact all-in-one pools that are ideal for both indoors and outdoors. They occupy little space and provide an adjustable resistance current, which can allow you to have the experience of free water swimming. An interesting feature of Streamline pools is that they are fully assembled, thus saving you from the hassle of setting them up.

Modified Traditional Pools

Endless Pools have made sure to keep in touch with the conventional swimming pools. It offers various innovations for a traditional pool to make it more useful. Some of the popular ones are underwater treadmills and aquabikes that can help you in gaining maximum health and wellness benefits from a traditional pool.

We have compiled a list of the 5 best Endless pool option in our opinion. For more detail on the product line-up head to the factory direct store here.


The pools manufactured by Endless Pools greatly excel on the aesthetic side. They are built in accordance with modern designs, and fit perfectly well into whatever surroundings they are placed. Although there is a huge variety in the designs of pools offered by the brand, most of them are minimal and basic. This aesthetic accounts for the luxurious and regal outlook that most of the endless pools impart.

The indoor pools are built to blend impeccably with the interior, with a carefully selected color range. The outer edges of most endless pools are wide and have a wooden or other suitable pattern. Furthermore, numerous colors are available for both inside and outside of the pool.


Endless Pools have been known to use top quality materials for their products. This results in these products being highly durable, except for occasional glitches that are common for any machinery. The motor of these pools, however, has been reported to have a short life. The accessories, such as the underwater treadmill have parts that are made of stainless steel which allows them to last for long periods of time despite being constantly exposed to water.

There are very few complaints of leakage in an endless pool. Moreover, the color of these pools and their components are long lasting and do not fade or change, even after long periods of staying wet. For a detailed overview of the common complaints, read Top 11 Endless Pool Complaints.


The maintenance of most of the products by Endless Pools is easy. The pool surfaces, both outer and inner, are exceptionally easy to clean. The maintenance of the machinery is slightly tricky and requires extra care to clean without causing damage to sensitive components. A highly convenient feature of the spa is that it can be controlled by a mobile app, which is a dream come true. To keep the water sparkly clean, all you have to do is add ¼ cup of bleach in it before swimming. 

Even though the maintenance of endless pools is not very challenging, complaints have been made regarding poor customer support in case of trouble. Since endless pools are fitted with advanced technology, they require trained personnel to deal with a technical problem. However, most users have reported inadequate help, and in most cases, no response from the customer service of the brand.

For a detailed overview of the common complaints, read Top 11 Endless Pool Complaints.


Keeping in view their advanced and innovative features and numerous health benefits, it is not surprising that the price range of Endless Pools is quite high. The exact cost of a pool depends on its category and equipment, however, most of them lie somewhere between $28,000 to $50,000. The installation fee of an endless pool is also higher than other pools, considering the minute technical details that have to be taken care of. The minimum installation cost is around $2500. You can check out the complete pricing here.


It is fairly obvious that Endless pools are considerably heavier on the pocket. However, if the health and fitness benefits of these are weighed against the cost, it is a worthwhile investment for most people. If you are considering getting an endless pool, you can check out their official direct store on Amazon here.

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