Best Endless Pools

Endless Pools are the new fad these days. They have it all: a modern look, a definite impact on your health and lest we forget the coveted celebrity lifestyle vibes.

Endless pools create current-caused resistance which allows stationary swimming. They combine the benefits of a lap pool with the hydrotherapy of a swim spa. Basically, an endless pool is a complete home wellness retreat incorporated with an innovative yet effective ‘Swim-In-Place’ technology. You can also check out our brand review of Endless pools here.

If you want to add a luxurious look to your living space, installing an indoor endless pool will play the trick. This is not all of it. An endless pool does way more than adding aesthetics to your house. They have the potential to have an ever-lasting positive effect of your and your loved ones’ health. A bucket-load of joy in the process does not hurt either.

Once you’ve decided to get yourself one, choosing one can be a bit daunting. From underwater treadmills to temperature adjusted relaxing spas, there is a complete line of endless pools to choose from. Let us look at the five best endless pools worth every penny.

1. Endless Pools Hydrostride (Editor’s choice)

Run inside of a pool!

Achieving fitness with a powerful workout that is easy on joints sounds perfect, right?

Running on an underwater treadmill burns equal calories and provides the same cardiovascular benefits as running on a ground would do. What makes it more efficient is the water resistance causing minimal joint impact and thus, no or less muscle soreness.  The temperature-controlled pool water relaxes your tight muscles and provides deep tissue recovery. 

Also, pushing your legs against the water currents adds to the muscle strength. Furthermore, running on a pavement brings about more wear and tear as compared to running underwater. 

Alberto Salazar, the coach of elite runners Galen Rupp, and Mo Farah stress the importance of underwater running on a treadmill:

“We don’t consider it an alternative to running outside. We consider it as important as running outside. It helps us become stronger by running against the resistance of the water and it helps us recover from our dry land training.”

Bonus Tip

If you are suffering from any chronic pain or arthritis, you might want to take it easy on your joints. The deeper the placement of the treadmill in the pool, the more your body weight will be reduced by the water thus putting the least impact on joints. To leverage the therapeutic nature of water currents, make sure your treadmill is placed at a depth where water reaches your chest. 


If you are living in a hot climate area, you might face the temperature of the water going too high to be bearable. This is because of the heaters coupled with propellers and the treadmill generating heat. In such a case, you should install an insulator in the pool which is expensive.

The Endless Aquabike Pool

The Ultimate buster…

Aqua Cycling is the basic exercise regiment where you cycle and swim simultaneously. 

Experts regard this type of aqua workout very efficient in knocking out cellulite where you can burn more than 1000kcal in a 45 minutes long session.  Water release from hydrojets stimulate circulation which tones down the lower body without having to sweat a lot. Constantly moving water around your legs takes away the heat generated from your body, keeping it cool.

Aquacycling in an endless pool helps you lose those uninvited calories faster than an ordinary indoor stationary bike. Pedalling against the water resistance requires more leg work. 

The best part – One is never wiped out by post workout fatigue. Body weight is balanced out with the massaging effect of running water which means no muscle inflammation and thus increased stamina to do more! You can get the customized version here.


Any mechanical failure can cost you a great amount of time finding the right technicians as endless pool technology is advanced and new. You can’t immediately find someone to fix it.

The Endless Streamline Pool

A truly all-in-one pool…

This all-inclusive pool is the most compact and the most affordable of the range. It comes with a swim-current generator and a temperature control system that lets you enjoy a low-impact exercise in the temperature your body finds most relaxing. 

When we say all in one, we mean the swim-current can be adjusted for its pace to have a recreational freestyle or even backstroke and breaststroke. The water current is evened out by turbines that produce a smooth swimming experience against all the water turbulence. 

Fortunately, these streamline pools feature a good insulation system that makes the experience worthwhile. A word of caution though: to make the best therapeutic use of these pools, it is recommended to install the power generator at least 75 feet distant from the pool area.


The generator noise is too loud and interrupting. Someone using the streamline pool for relaxing only might find out quite the opposite happening. 

Endless Pool Swim Spas

Take therapy to the max…

With a continuous access to swimming, endless pool swim spas help you meet your wellness goals. They are engineered to combine the most proficient aquatic technology with the therapeutic power of jets. 

If there is any alternative to a traditional swimming pool in terms of imitating the swimming minus the stress, workout or relaxing feel, swim spa has to be it. 

The hydro-massage seat is something you will be looking forward to after pulling out a hectic day at work. For someone just recovering from an injury this pool is a huge blessing. The hydro pressurized jets massage soft tissues of the body and this technique has been proven to alleviate anxiety, stress and pain.  

Athletes wanting to get in the best shape of their life cannot get a better opportunity to train better and swim continuously whenever they want from the privacy of their own backyard.


Some people wish to cover true lengths of water while swimming. This artificial pool restricts the swimming movements back and forth.

The Endless WaterWell Pool

Aqua aerobics on the go…

This is yet another sound investment for year-round fun and wellness. You can rehab on your schedule with this one. It is a water therapy and exercise pool that fits about anywhere. However, the only thing absent in a WaterWell pool is a swim-current generator. 

It comes with a heater, pump and a filter system which makes it ideal pick for aqua aerobics while maintaining perfect hygiene. Due to its unique combination of warm temperature controlled water, motions and hydrotherapy, users find using it extremely useful for their muscle stiffness and chronic pain. 

You can also customize the pool with multiple aquatic atmospheres. Install an aquabike or an underwater treadmill, as per your fitness needs. 

If you just want to use it for relaxing, raise the temperature to turn it into a hot tub. The water is chest-deep, lifting most of your weight. This buoyancy of water coupled with its healing power when warm does magic in helping patients with rheumatoid arthritis.

Plunge into the waterwell pool to make the most out of this at-home spa where you can pull out a complete body workout without getting drained.


This Endless pool come with a high maintenance cost like most others. Daily operations like usage of chemicals and the usage of electricity to power the heater add up considerably to the whole expenditure.

Why Should I Buy an Endless Pool?

Here are a few reasons why you should seriously consider buying an Endless pool.


Endless pools are completely mobile models ready to install on the ground. This makes the relocation easier.


Not everyone has a huge backyard with unlimited square feet where they can have their dream swimming pools. With an Endless pool, you will not need to sacrifice all your outdoor or indoor space as they are very compact. 

Small doesn’t mean boring when it comes to endless pools. They can be customized exactly how you like to suit your home’s aesthetics nd your personal needs.


Whether you are a beginner or an athlete, the variable current feature lets you adjust the pressure as per your ability. The resistance created by propellers provides the ideal strength-based conditioning.

That being said, there a lot of issues too when it comes to endless pools so we decided to dedicate an entire article on the matter.

Buyer’s Guide

If you have decided to treat yourself with an Endless pool, here’s a few words of advice. The customization options are well, endless! You have the flexibility to choose from a variety of pools from and add luxury or functional equipment to it as your heart desires.

  • If you are eager for a family time with a soothing water retreat whenever you want – the swim spa and the Water-Well are the best economical options. They are a hybrid between traditional swimming pool and a relaxing space. 
  • If your focus is towards having intense workout sessions, you have the options like underwater treadmill pool and the endless aqua-bike pool. For an overall toned body, the former one is the way to go. However, if building strength to your legs and losing some extra fat from the lower body is your need, an aqua-bike will do the job. 
  • You might want to opt for the streamline pool for an uninterrupted swim experience with the constantly generated currents. 

Whatever you go for, at the end of the day you are investing in your wellness. That is what matters the most. With any endless pool installed in your house, you have 24/7 access to a warm, relaxing pool – perfect for a leisure time with your family.

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