Do Swimming Pools Attract Snakes?

The swimming pool is a definite attraction for snakes because it provides them with fresh water which helps in shedding. The water helps snakes to loosen up their skin in order to molt.

But such a happening is not as frequent as our pessimistic and overly dramatic brains try to make out. There are obviously a lot of dangers for the snakes in human settlements so they avoid them as much as possible.

However, probability dictates that some snakes will end up in someone’s pool and you want to make sure it’s not yours. So let’s dive into some of the reasons a snake may want to find a way into your little oasis and how to prevent that from happening.

Why Do Snakes Find Their Way to Swimming Pools?

Since snakes are cold blooded animals, they like sunbathing on concrete and their access to swimming pools is therefore not an uncommon phenomenon. There might be many other reasons for snake to leave their burrows and reach the swimming pools.

It Is Merely Accidental

This reason, although less dramatic, is the most frequent cause. In many cases they reach a pool accidently while chasing their prey (rodents, mice, frogs and rats, etc.).

Piles of Leaves and Debris in Yards

The other reason for reaching a swimming pole is the debris in yards or the long grass that have not been trimmed for quite some time. The snakes find such places as shelter and the long grass serve a good eating place for snakes because smaller creatures tend to live in those bushy areas which in turn become the food of snakes. As they find a pool nearby, their urge to keep themselves hydrated like all other animals lead them to this great water resource.

Weather Plays a Role Too

When it rains heavily, the snakes leave their holes or burrows and try to find a dry place for safety, just like the concrete around your pool. Since rain also compels the rodents and small amphibians to come out, the snakes get these creatures as their bonus food.

In dry and warm environments, snakes come out in pursuit of fresh water.

Flood Drives Snakes Out

The flood displaces snakes and they come out in search of shelters in areas close to humans. The debris created during the cleanup efforts are the best hideouts for these creatures where they stay for a while and later reach the swimming pool in order to drink water or getting hydrated.

Steve Kennedy, a snake expert who runs Steve’s Snaketuary, states that flood waters flushes out wildlife like snakes from their homes and into the houses of people.

Natural Swimming Pools Attract Snakes

Natural swimming pools are currently in trend in the construction industry because they do not use any chemicals for maintenance. Instead, they water flora and perennial plants to keep them clean. It is observed that snakes are easily attracted to such pools because of the freshwater.

Your Pool Equipment Might Be the Culprit

Your pool equipment and mechanisms might be a strong reason for snakes to enter your swimming pool. Each house has an area where pool equipment like filters, pumps and heaters etc. are placed. These areas are seldom visited and snakes find it a safe and private shelter.

A study on the thousands of rattlesnakes captured in Arizona homes during the last decade proved that the pool filter system is one of the most important attracting features for these snakes.

Pool noodles are found as comfortable hideouts not only for snakes but other reptiles as well. In June 2018, the fire department of Buckeye (Arizona) issued a warning to citizens to the effect that they must watch pool noodles for rattlesnakes. This warning was issued on the basis of a report claiming that rattlesnakes and their babies were found hiding in pool noodles.

The Pet Food in the Backyard

If you keep your pets food in your yard, you are inviting mice and rodents which in turn invite snakes.

How to Keep Swimming Pools Free of Snakes?

You and snakes cannot coexist in a swimming pool. They not only always deprive you from the family fun but can often prove to be harmful. So when you find one in your pool, the sooner you get rid of this menace is better. Here are some of the important measures you need to take:

Trim and Mow the Lawn Regularly

The bushes and tall grass provide the best hideout to rodents and resultantly to snakes. In order to stop these to get shelter there, you need to trim your grass and hedges on a regular basis.

Use a Solar Cover

A solar cover is the most logical way to prevent snakes from becoming your pool buddies. They also have the additional benefits of saving water and preventing leaves and debris from possibly damaging the circulation mechanism.

I, personally, recommend Blue Wave Rugged Mesh Cover for the task as it only allows rain water to pass through.

Grow These Repelling Plants

Snakes don’t like the pungent smells of marigold, lemon grass and garlic. Grow these plants in your lawn and yard because they deter snakes very well. You can get quality seeds for planting here.

Remove the Snake’s Food Sources

Don’t keep the pets food in the backyard to avoid rodents and mice which is the best staple diet for snakes.

Fill Gaps, Holes and Burrows in Your Property

Fill all burrows and gaps with dirt or gravel because snakes can easily make these places their hideouts. If there are too many, get assistance from a pest control company.

Seek Professional Help

Do not try to take the snake out on your own. Consult professional pool and pest experts because the snake may be poisonous and your encounter may lead to harm.

Bottom line

A snake in your pool is one of the most frightening sights. From basking under the son to chasing the mice, there might be numerous reasons for a snake to enter a swimming pool.

Besides professional help, there are various steps you can take to keep snakes away from your pool. The most important is depriving the snakes of a good shelter in long grass and bushes in your lawn and swimming equipment in your store area.

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