Best Swimsuits For Chlorine Pools

Most of us are well-aware of the effects that the chlorine in pool water has on the skin and hair of the swimmers. However, an avid swimmer knows that chlorine can also damage swimwear and gear.

Since it is a strong chemical, chlorine tends to disintegrate the fabric of swimsuits and causes them to lose their elasticity. Moreover, it can also cause their color to fade.

Not only does this decrease the overall life of the swimsuits, but also makes them lose their fit, which adversely affects swimming and performance, especially for athletes.

To combat this issue, brands have now come up with swimsuits that have certain features which allow them to withstand the effects of chlorine in chlorine pools. In this article, we have hand-picked for you the best swimsuits that can tackle chlorine.

The 5 Best Swimsuits for Chlorine Pools

  1. TYR Women’s Solid Durafast Maxback Swim Suit (Editor’s Choice)
  1. Speedo Women’s Spiral Curve Drop Back Swimsuit
  1. TYR Women’s Hexa Diamondfit Swimsuit
  1. Arena Women’s Spider Challenge Back One Piece Swimsuit (Budget Option)
  1. Speedo Women’s Swimsuit One Piece Plunge V-Neck Contrast Plus Size Solid

1. TYR Women’s Solid Durafast Maxback Swim Suit (Editor’s Choice)

The best one considering all aspects….


  • Chlorine and sun resistant
  • Durable
  • Inexpensive
  • Comfortable


  • Limited size range

This TYR Durafast is my personal favorite, as well as the favorite of a huge number of dedicated buyers. From its fitting to material and longevity, this swimsuit is impeccable in all departments.

It has been made from 100% Polyester, which is an ideal material for swimsuits as it makes them fit perfectly and tightly. This allows for better performance while minimising resistance and drag, especially in case of athletic performances.

Polyester is also widely known for its ability to resist the disintegrating and bleaching effects of chlorine. Thus, the swimsuit lasts significantly longer than regular swimsuits.

On top of it, this retails for a relatively reasonable price. This, coupled with the durability, makes it a fairly budget-friendly option. 

Another outstanding feature of this swimsuit by TYR is that it is stretchable to a great degree. This is a rare quality for a polyester swimsuit, and makes it much more comfortable to wear. Furthermore, it is also resistant to the damaging effects of the sun. 

A frequent concern with this swimsuit, however, is that it does not cater to all sizes and you might not find a perfectly fitted option if you do not fall into their specific size range.

2. Speedo Women’s Spiral Curve Drop Back Swimsuit

From the best brand out there, Speedo…


  • Top quality
  • Unique design
  • Resistant to chlorine
  • Comfortable


  • Discrepancies in sizes

Speedo is among the leading brands when it comes to swimwear, and customers swear by it. This uniquely designed swimsuit is no exception to the marvelous quality products that Speedo offers.

It has been manufactured using top quality polyester and spandex, both brilliant materials for a swimsuit. They allow it to cling to the body tightly, which is a main requirement for good swimming, while allowing easy breathing. This means that it does the job while making sure that you are comfortable.

This one can be used equally for both a relaxing swim and a competitive swimming session. It is also designed to be able to withstand chlorine in the chlorine pools, preventing it from damaging the fabric or fading the color. 

This Speedo swimsuit comes with different cuts, so you can choose one to your liking. However, users have complained of discrepancies in the sizes of most Speedo swimsuits, including this one. It is noticed that these are generally small, which means you have to order bigger sizes than your usual. This can be quite confusing. 

3. TYR Women’s Hexa Diamondfit Swimsuit

The extra premium option for those who desire the very best…


  • Long lasting
  • Protected against chlorine
  • Stylish design
  • Excellent quality
  • Comfortable


  • Expensive

The TYR Diamondfit is among the most liked swimsuits in the market, and understandably so. It is made of top quality polyester combined with varying proportions of spandex.

Both of these materials are renowned for their strength and longevity, and keep this swimwear protected against the harmful effects of both chlorine and sun. Thus, it retains its fit and colour for long periods of time.

Moreover, these materials also allow it to be surprisingly comfortable, providing both support and a wide range of motion. This is also aided by its accommodating leg cut and stretchable straps. Hence, this TYR swimsuit is a trooper both in terms of comfort and durability.

The TYR diamondfit is also superior to most other swimsuits in terms of its appearance. It is designed in a sleek and modern way, with trendy colour combinations.

All these top notch features, as expected, result in a very high cost of this swimwear and make it a relatively high end option.

4. Arena Women’s Spider Challenge Back One Piece Swimsuit (Budget Option)

Budget option without the compromises…


  • Resistant to chlorine
  • Vibrant colours and designs
  • Durable
  • Reasonably priced


  • Not very comfortable
  • Too many cutouts

If you are looking for a chlorine resistant swimsuit that does the job well while being light on the pocket, this is the one for you. This sleek swimsuit by Arena is designed in vivid colors with eye-catching patterns that can make you stand out.

The straps and cutouts are strategically placed to make it fit much better. The material used in the manufacturing of this swimsuit is 100% polyester. This imparts an unparalleled ability to resist the effects of chlorine, resulting in prolonged life of the swimsuit.

This material also makes the fitting particularly tight, which is a great plus for athletics and competitions as it minimizes drag. However, if you are a regular swimmer who wishes to relax and enjoy it, this fit can be too stiff and uncomfortable for you.

Arena uses excellent quality materials in the manufacturing of this swimsuit. This allows it to last for a long period of time without being disfigured or losing its color or elasticity. This, along with its considerably low price makes this swimsuit an excellent option. 

5. Speedo Women’s Swimsuit One Piece Plunge V-Neck Contrast Plus Size Solid

The best plus sized option…


  • Covers almost all sizes
  • Safe against chlorine
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Reasonably priced


  • Cut might not be suited to some body types

This Speedo swimsuit is the best option for those who are looking for a plus sized fit. It possesses all the qualities of a good Speedo swimsuit, and makes sure that all body sizes are catered to.

It has been manufactured from superb quality spandex that is exceptionally comfortable and also resists the damaging effects of chlorine. Thus, the color and quality of the swimsuit is retained for long periods of time.

In addition to that, it is also capable of blocking harmful sun rays, which not only protects you but also significantly increases the life of the swimsuit. It is designed in a flattering way with a keyhole cutout and adjustable straps.

Although the design looks attractive, it might be too exposing for some of the customers.

Buyers’ Guide – How To Pick the Best Swimsuit for Chlorine Pools? 

If you wish for your swimsuit to last longer in chlorine pools, there are a few things that you need to consider when buying one.


This is the main factor that determines whether or not your swimsuit will get damaged by chlorine in the chlorine pool. It is ideal to look for swimsuits that are made of either 100% polyester, or a polyester/PBT blend. These materials are the most resistant against adverse effects of chlorine.


Different colors fade at different rates when exposed to damaging substances. It is recommended to look for darker colors such as blacks, browns and dark blues when buying a swimsuit for chlorine pool, as these colors fade at a relatively slow rate.

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